We are the new oil business generation that will provide not only energy but also health, wellness, and economic development. With outstanding blockchain technology and innovations provided by a professional and experienced team we make the long-term and balanced results.

What we do

We understand how important is a proper use of the potential on significant oil sand land position and that is why we use all our high-quality experience and knowledge to achieve highest standards while doing our job. We worry about the future.

Grain size analysis service

A really important part of the oil sand industry that makes a foundation for making detailed and informed decisions. With reliable techniques and special technologies we provide not only accurate but also adaptable results.

Water treatment service

Only a thorough and truly viable management plan that contains effective strategy and innovative solutions will achieve high-quality results while doing water treatments. All the risks and liabilities will be reduced because our teams are always ready for doing the job right.

Construction supervision

You will not have to worry about any quality standards, relevant regulations and safety measures while your budget is all the time just on right track. Your construction project will be finished on time supervised by professionals until every aspect is completed perfectly according to all needed documents and declarations.

About Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Our services are built using the latest Blockchain technology. Not a lot of people understand this technology which is why it gives us an edge in the industry. Most people have heard of Cryptocurrency, for example there are lots of people buying Cryptocurrency in Canada but Blockchain is the technology it is based on. We don’t yet have our own Cryptocurrency, instead we leverage this technology to improve our services.

Our Goals

As a leading oil-sand producer we want to spread our business to worldwide markets and provide our highest quality products and technology development. Our mission is to share our innovative ideas, encourage others with positive thoughts and build strong relations based on trust and understanding.

Our Team

Our team is made of highly trained professionals with long-term experience. Our people are here to create not only successful large projects with highest results but also to create cooperation based on true values like trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Still Doubting?

  • “I was just amazing working with this group of wonderful people. They showed not only the highest level of service and experience but also incredible approach making us truly included in every moment of the project.”

    Mark Doe

  • “Detailed analysis and a wide range of data this company provides will help anybody finding any issue in this type of industry. It was a real pleasure to work with this team which boosted our work in no time.”

    John Webley

  • “Analysis and data resources we got in the cooperation with this company saved us a lot of time and money. Constant update of their database and fresh, detailed data made our research so easy.”

    Maria Frost

  • “I would recommend these people to anybody, not just because of their efficiency and professionalism but the unique and tailored approach when introducing you about using their extraordinary tool.”

    Didier Petion


Our blog is the result of our passion to develop a strong relationship with a wide audience while sharing some of best practices and leading consultation. We truly believe everybody deserves to be informed about all possible energy resources while respecting laws and environment.